Changes to Tennis TV and coverage of the WTA (updated 7 Jan 2017)

TennisTV today (26 Sept 2016) announced that from the 2017 season they will only be covering the ATP World Tour.

This is the second big announcement for the streaming service in less than a week, after stating that they would be changing their service to include apps on more platforms and enhancements to the service. 

There had been rumours going around social media that further changes were to be expected, as there was no mention at the time that there would be no coverage of the WTA tour.

Some users now, as then, are disgruntled that TennisTV have not been fully transparent about what the service will offer them in 2017. Tennis TV had to clarify some details after its previous announcement, so this time they have prepared an FAQ in advance.

What’s changing to TennisTV and the ATP?

From the end of this year, TennisTV will only show matches from the ATP tour. They will be streaming all ATP Masters 1000, 500 and 250 series tournaments as well as the World Tour Finals at the end of the year.

They are adding the facility to replay matches for longer than the current seven days, and will release apps on more devices such as Amazon and Roku.

Update 13 December 2016: The monthly subscription is now £9.99 per month, and annual subscriptions are available again, now priced at £74.99.

TennisTV is owned by ATP Media who produce the coverage you also see on Sky Sports when they are not using their own presenters and commentators.

What is happening to the WTA coverage?

Tennis TV say that the WTA will provide its own subscription offering but no details have been released yet on what this might be.

In 2017, WTA Media are improving their offering to broadcasters, including BT Sport, who will now have rights to show 52 WTA tour events throughout the year, an increase of 30 – believed to be the International level events.

Coverage of tournaments at the International level is not currently produced by WTA Media and broadcasters purchase rights individually for these. This is why some have been picked up by Eurosport rather than BT, and they are sometimes direct relays of the home broadcaster; for example BT Sport showed Sky New Zealand’s coverage of the ASB Classic from Auckland this year.

WTA Media have signed deals with other broadcasters around the world such as BeIN Sports for 2017 onward, for all WTA tournaments, leading to the suggestion that the WTA have taken television production of all International tournaments in-house, so you’ll see WTA standard graphics on the coverage.

A small number of WTA events will not be broadcast on BT Sport and remain on Eurosport in 2017: Nuremburg, Birmingham, Eastbourne, Linz and Luxembourg.

What does this mean for me?

The changes mean that tennis fans who subscribe to TennisTV will have to spend more money to see WTA coverage, whether that be via BT Sport or through the WTA’s new service.

TennisTV has said that viewers can cancel their subscriptions online, but they will continue to show the WTA tour until the end of the current year.

Those who purchased an annual subscription while they were available will be contacted by TennisTV and compensated accordingly.