w/c 31 July 2017: Washington, Stanford, Los Cabos and Kitzbühel – plus some changes to this website

Hello everyone. Some changes to this website mean I will be updating the blog weekly with details of television coverage, and reducing some of the twitter activity. See below for more details, sorry there is a lot to read!

From now on I will be compiling the broadcast details on a Friday evening or Saturday morning in advance of the next week. This is the first of these weekly blogs. You can now also get this by email by entering your e-mail address in the box on the right hand side of this page, underneath the tweets.

First of all, if you are in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, you can watch the finals of the Dublin combined Futures/ITF event on TG4 on Saturday 29 July from 14:00. This broadcast is not available online so can’t be streamed outside the island of Ireland.

Now, onto details of the coverage on UK television this week…

ATP Washington on Sky Sports (also on Tennis TV):
Mon 31 Jul: 21:00-04:00, Sky Sports Action (replay Tue 10:00-17:00, Sky Sports Action)
Tue 01 Aug: 21:00-04:00, Sky Sports Action (replay Wed 10:00-17:00, Sky Sports Action)
Wed 02 Aug: 21:00-04:00, Sky Sports Action (replay Thu 10:00-17:00, Sky Sports Action)
Thu 03 Aug: 21:00-04:00, Sky Sports Action (replay Fri 10:00-17:00, Sky Sports Action)
Fri 04 Aug: 19:00-23:00 and 00:00-04:00, Sky Sports Action
Sat 05 Aug: 19:00-21:00, Sky Sports Action and Mix; and 00:00-02:00, Sky Sports Action (replay Sun 10:00-14:00, Sky Sports Action)
Sun 06 Aug: 20:00-22:00, Sky Sports Action
(final replays Sun 00:00-02:00 (Mon), Mon 10:00-12:00, 14:30-16:30, all Sky Sports Action)

ATP Los Cabos on Eurosport from Thu (earlier matches on Tennis TV):
Thu 03 Aug: 01:00-05:00 (Fri), Eurosport 1 (replay Fri 13:30-15:30, 00:30-02:30 (Sat), both Eurosport 1)
Fri 04 Aug: 02:30-06:30 (Sat), Eurosport 1 (replay Sat 13:15-15:15, 02:00-04:00 (Sun), both Eurosport 1)
Sat 05 Aug: 04:00-06:00 (Sun), Eurosport 1
(final replays Mon 10:00-11:00, Eurosport 1; 13:00-14:00, Eurosport 2)

ATP Kitzbühel is available on Tennis TV only, there is no UK broadcaster.

WTA Stanford on BT Sport (also on WTA TV):
Mon 31 Jul 18:00-02:00 and 03:00-07:00, BT Sport 1
Tue 01 Aug 18:00-06:00, BT Sport 1 (replay Wed 16:30-18:30, BT Sport 1)
Wed 02 Aug 19:00-01:00 and 03:00-05:00, BT Sport 1 (replay Thu 16:00-18:00, BT Sport 1)
Thu 03 Aug 19:00-01:00 and 03:00-05:00, BT Sport 1 (replay Fri 15:00-17:00, BT Sport 3)
Fri 04 Aug 20:00-02:00 and 03:00-05:00, BT Sport 2 (replay Sat 15:15-17:00, BT Sport 2)
Sat 05 Aug 22:00-00:00 and 03:00-05:00, BT Sport 1 (replay Sun 18:00-20:00, BT Sport 3)
Sun 06 Aug 22:00-00:30, BT Sport 1
(final replay Mon 12:00-14:00, BT Sport 1)

WTA Washington on BT Sport from Tuesday (also on WTA TV):
Mon 31 Jul 18:45-01:00, BT Sport 3
Tue 01 Aug 18:45-23:00, BT Sport 2
Wed 02 Aug 18:45-23:00, BT Sport 2
Thu 03 Aug 18:45-23:00, BT Sport 2 (replay Fri 17:00-19:00, BT Sport 3)
Fri 04 Aug 19:00-03:00, BT Sport 3 (replay Sat 13:00-15:00, BT Sport 3)
Sat 05 Aug 21:00-23:00, BT Sport 2; 02:00-04:00, BT Sport 3
Sun 06 Aug 22:00-00:30, BT Sport 3
(final replay Mon 14:00-16:00, BT Sport 1)

Any late changes to these schedules, where I am able to, will be included on the homepage of the website and tweeted at @Tennis_UKTV.

A note on Sky Sports Main Event – this channel always simulcasts one of the other Sky Sports channels and is only available to subscribers of all Sky Sports channels, therefore listings for this channel are not included here. Listings for Sky Sports Mix are shown as this is available without a Sky Sports subscription.

Check Tennis TV listings for details of the ATP Tour matches they are covering, updated on the day of play at https://www.tennistv.com/live/schedule

WTA TV has quietly launched, offering live streaming from WTA events. More details are at http://www.wtatv.com

ATP Challenger events have official live streaming at http://livestream.com/ATP.

Some ATP 250 and Challenger events and WTA International events are occasionally available on Eurosport Player with little notice. If this is the case for the Kitzbühel ATP 250 this week, I will include it in next weekend’s blog and release it early if necessary.

Onto the twitter changes: I will no longer be live tweeting matches involving British players. Since I started the website there are more Brits playing in main draws so it takes up a lot of time. I also realise that there are many of you who are fans of players outside Britain, and therefore will focus on providing more broad information on players of all nationalities.

If you are interested in live scores on twitter when Brits are playing I recommend @GBtennistracker, @GBtennis and @BritwatchSports. I will still tweet results of Brits playing in tour events, and specifically mention Brits when orders of play are released, but won’t be live tweeting scores during the matches.

Some of the automated retweets weren’t working this week. Not sure of the reason why so apologies if any were missed. I tried to do them manually where I could.

Lastly, if you are travelling to the United States, you can keep on top of tennis coverage on US television by following tenniswatchers.com run by the brilliant Tony.

Have a great week!