How to record Sky’s red button or access if it the on-screen prompt does not work

Here are some simple steps to set reminders or record programmes shown on the Sky Sports Active red button service, or access them if the red button prompt doesn’t work for some reason.

This week Sky Sports started some of its tennis coverage on its red button service Sky Sports Active before going to the main channel after other sports finished. Next week Sky is showing extra streams from the Montreal Masters on the red button.

Not many people know that the red button can be recorded and reminders can be set. The same process can be used when the red button prompt on screen doesn’t work. This works for all sports being broadcast on Sky Sports Active.

To access listings for Sky Sports Active in the programme guide you need to search it in offline mode. To do this you will need to disconnect your Sky box from Wi-fi.

Disconnecting Wi-fi is simple. First press the Services button on the Sky remote control, and choose Settings.


From the Settings menu choose Network, and then press the red button to Reset the Wi-fi settings and disconnect the box.


You can then search the programme guide in offline mode. To do this, press the TV Guide button, and then Up, to highlight the Search box.


If you then press select without entering any text to search, you’ll see the offline search screen.


Choose Sports from Genre, and then Tennis (or whichever other sport you are interested in) from the Sub Genre menu, and then press select.


The Sky guide will show you listings for all matching programmes in the next seven days. Look for broadcasts listed on a channel called Sports Active. It’s a hidden channel you can’t access by typing in the channel number.


If the programme has already started you can press select to tune straight to it, otherwise you can press Select to set a reminder for later. Pressing the red Record button will set up a recording like any other programme.

You’ll need to re-connect your Sky box to your Wi-fi in order to access Catch-up and Box Sets. To do this return to the Network menu as above, and follow the instructions – the easiest way with a Sky router is to use WPS.